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4 platforms to grow your brand online

The world today revolves around the internet. Thanks to various innovations one can be able to do basically anything online. One of the main areas affected by this is the business world. In order to be successful in the business world, you need to create an online presence. There are various ways of doing this but they all rely on the platform chosen. This is why it is important to take a look at some of the best platforms available. Some of the main platforms include;

1 – Magento

Being one of the best companies in the industry, Magento offers open source digital and retail business services. One of the main advantages of using this platform is the fact that it allows you to sell product and services through multiple storefronts. However the downfall of the platform is that it requires some deep knowledge on web development.

2 – Webs

Unlike most other platforms, Webs is perfect for beginners or small scale businesses. It has inbuilt templates that make it easier to customize your business. Apart from this, it allows transactions via several methods which include PayPal among others. More information on Webs is available on

3 – WooCommerce

Developed by WooThemes, they mainly deal with developing themes and plugins for use on WordPress. One of the unique features of this platform is that it has automatic tax calculations making it easier for its users. WooCommerce is highly affordable compared to most of the other platforms available.

4 – 3D-Cart

This platform is mainly used by individuals to help them sell their products online. The main advantage of this platform is its affordability. There are no transaction fees and is also mobile friendly. Apart from that, their tech support is available for free. This is the best option for individuals that do not want to spend a lot of money and have very little knowledge in web development.

Here’s exactly how you can use these platforms to grow your business:

3 tips to improve staff morale in a week

The success of any business relies on the staff and management. This means as a business owner or manager, one should be able to know how to ensure that the employees provide quality services to the customers.

The simplest way of doing this is by building their morale. It can be said that a happy employees creates happy customers. In order to know the various ways of building staff morale you can visit It is however not an easy task to do this in a short duration of time. Some of the simple tips to try out include;

Tip #1 – creating goals or objective

This is the simplest strategy to try out when building staff morale. The main difference in this case is that the goals should be fun and immediate. For instance the goals may be job related or just other fun activities. The best way to set the objectives, in the case that it is fun related, is by involving the staff when choosing the tasks. This gives the staff a sense of belonging thus building their morale.

Tip #2 – Target bonuses

This involves giving the staff bonuses that might be in form of money or gifts when they achieve certain daily bonuses. Come up with different targets for every staff group and make a decision on the type of reward. It is essential to ensure that the reward is the same for all staff groups so as not to appear as though one sector is being favored. The logic behind this is that it allows the staff to be competitive which in turn becomes beneficial to the business. The staff morale will improve in that they get rewarded for achieving their set targets.

Tip #3 – Positive comments

Try to show appreciation to the employees for doing a good job. Appreciation goes a long way and the employees will feel that they are actually part of the business. Ensure that they know that they play a major role in the success of the business and ensure that they aim at achieving that target.

Here’s a great infographic that will help you and your company even more:


5 tech startups that have experienced exponential growth

Tech startups have various definitions in the business world. The simplest and informative definition of a tech startup company is mainly a business organization that aims at creating new technological products and services.

This also involves the act of providing products and services in new method. In order to be successful in this industry the best way is to learn from other successful tech startup companies. Some of the main companies that have been able to grow in a short period of time include;

#1 – Pure chat


Pure chat is simply a customer service platform mainly used by businesses or companies. It provides live chat services that enable the customer to directly access help from the company. The main advantage and main reason behind their success is the reliability and the fact that they help the customer to save time that was used to wait for a call to be answered.

#2 – Moltin


Since everything is already accessible via the internet, Moltin provides ecommerce website services. They help businesses create websites that allow the customers to perform their online shopping. The main advantage of their services is that they also provide mobile website services. In order to know more about the services offered by Moltin you can visit

#3 – Planet Innovations


The Australian based company that was started by biomedical executives has received several awards and recognition for their products and services. They mainly deal biomedical inventions. One of the unique features of the company is the fact that they value and listen to ideas provided by their staff.

#4 – Atlassian


Just like Planet Innovations, Atlassian is also an Australian based company that deals with business platforms and tools. Atlassian has been mentioned twice as the best place to work in the world today.

#5 – Nuix


Nuix, which is company that deals with Information technology, became successful by building their business on the fact that most of the data stored by business is usually unstructured. With their services it becomes easier to search for specific data. One can be able to learn more about this service by visiting